Bromley health visiting service is here to support you and your family during your children’s earliest years.

The health visiting service is there for you from the time that you are 28 weeks pregnant with your first baby, until your last little one goes off to school.

These pages are packed with information to help you find all that you need to give your family a healthy  lifestyle and support your baby’s development from the very beginning.

Oxleas Bromley 0-4 Service have increased the number of local Health Visitor led advice sessions, providing an opportunity for families to talk to Health Visitor’s about concerns they may have regarding their baby or child’s health / development. Click here to view the new Health Advice Session Timetable.

Due to a training event there will be no sessions on Wednesday 9th October 2019.

This will impact the Breastfeeding group at Community Vision, Health Advice session at Burnt Ash and the Health Advice session at Blenheim Children’s centre. All affected sessions will resume on Wednesday the 16th October 2019.

Click on the links below to find information tailored to your needs, or see our list of health advice clinics and Bromley Children and Family Centres.

During pregnancy

Have a healthy pregnancy and prepare for your baby

Find out more

New Baby

Caring for your new baby and yourself

Find out more

6-8 weeks

What to expect as baby gets older

Find out more

6 Months

Taste and textures

Find out more

10-12 months

How are you and baby doing

Find out more

2-2.5 years

Your active child

Find out more

3-4 years

Growing up & getting ready for school

Find out more

Find us

Health Advice Clinics and Bromley Children and Family Centres

Find out more

Local Support

Information on local support networks

Find out more

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