Development 3-6 Months

Your baby has come a long way in their first 3 months. They will recognise you as the person that meets their needs and makes life safe and predictable, as they continue to learn about the world around them and the people and relationships in it.

They will love interacting and smiling with you and start smiling ‘conversations’ with you, and start kicking their legs and waving their arms when excited. When they are finished or over stimulated they will disengage and turn their head away, they may even start to cry. Learn to read your baby’s cues and wait for them to reengage when they’re ready.

Your baby will start to roll over and when lying on their tummy lift their head and lift and wave their arms and legs about. Over time they will be able to lift their chest up, supporting themselves with their forearms or pushing up with their arms straight.

Babies will discover their hands and their toes, playing with their fingers or grabbing their feet. They at 3-4 months they will be able to hold objects for a short time and start to bring objects to their mouth to explore.

By 6 months your baby will make sounds to themselves, like cooing, gurgling and babbling and make noises, like coos or squeals, to get your attention.

Whilst there is a pattern of expected development, all babies are different and develop at different rates in their unique way, however, if you are worried about your baby’s development contact us.