Development at 3 months

Each baby is different and unique with their own personality. Over the next few months you will learn about your baby and get to know them. Your baby will grow and develop in their own way that’s right for them.

Your baby’s reflexes will be developing from birth and you will notice that if you touch your baby’s cheek they will turn that way and if you put your finger in their palm they will grab it.

Babies gradually develop the ability to hold their own head up and their movements become more controlled.

Your baby will recognise the sound of your voice and turn towards a sound when they hear it, and be startled by loud noises.

Crying is the main way your newborn baby can let you know something is wrong and they will start having different cries for different things – hunger, wet, cold, loneliness. You will begin to recognise these cries in the first few weeks as you get to know your baby.

Babies especially like looking at faces and will focus on a face close in front of them and follow it. From around 2 months old your baby should be able to respond to you by smiling back at you. Encourage this by smiling plenty at your baby and you will soon notice they smile back

Whilst there is a pattern of expected development, all babies are different and develop at different rates in their unique way, however, if you are worried about your baby’s development contact us .