Development 18 months – 2 Years

At this stage, children try out new things and explore the world around them more actively. They will often choose their own activities and may not always like being told what to do.

Your child will now be walking and running around, and will begin to learn how to go upstairs holding on to your hand and crawl down them backwards on their knees.

Children may become fussy eaters at this stage as they develop their own likes and dislikes but keep on offering a wide variety of foods, tastes and textures.

At this age children will begin to play alongside others and use you as a secure base from which to explore independently in new environments but return back to you for a cuddle and reassurance.

You will notice your child will start to concentrate on activities for longer, such as playing with a toy they like and will enjoy listening to simple stories with pictures; they may even turn the pages themselves even if it’s several at once. They will also start to hold a crayon using a whole hand grasp and make marks on paper.

At two years your little one will now understand questions and instructions, such as, ‘where is your shoe?’ and ‘show me your nose’ and will start to put short sentences together with 2-3 words, such as ‘more juice’ or ‘bye nanny’.

Their imaginations start to take shape as they begin to enjoy pretend play with their toys, such as feeding dolly.
Some children are ready to start toilet training at two, while others will take a little longer – see our page on potty training for more advice.

Whilst there is a pattern of expected development, all children are different and develop at different rates in their unique way, however, if you are worried about your child’s development contact us .

If you have worries about your child’s communication skills click on the ican progress checker.