6-10 months

Your developing baby

Your baby will now be able to sit unsupported for short periods and will be beginning to be on the move, rolling, crawling or bottom shuffling to get around. Over these next 4 months they will learn to pull themselves up to stand and start cruising around the furniture, holding on for support. By their first birthday some babies will take their first steps independently but don’t worry if they don’t as all babies are different.

Babies will often explore objects by putting them in their mouth and by 10-12 months, be able to pass objects from hand to hand with ease and start to pick up small items with their thumb and forefinger.

You baby will start to try solid foods around 6 months – see our starting solids page.

Around 10 months, usually babies will babble strings of sounds, like ‘no-no’ and ‘go-go’ and start to understand words like ‘bye-bye’ and ‘up’ especially when a gesture is used at the same time.

Your baby will now start to recognise the names of familiar objects, things like ‘car’ and ‘daddy’, enjoy action songs and rhymes and get excited when sung to.

You might notice that your baby maybe beginning to become wary of unfamiliar people and also may start to become upset if they can’t see or feel you nearby.

Whilst there is a pattern of expected development, all babies are different and develop at different rates in their unique way, however, if you are worried about your baby’s development contact us.

If you have worries about your child’s communication skills click on the ican progress checker.