Safety is a big issue when babies start to move around by themselves. Often, injuries happen because parents are not aware of what their children can do.

Moving around

Babies are not able to understand about danger. A moving baby needs to be watched all of the time because they can quickly creep into unsafe places. Baby-proof your home and put things that might break out of reach as you baby will want to touch anything which looks interesting.

Their increasing mobility means little ones often bump into things or fall. If furniture has sharp corners, use corner protectors to prevent your child from hurting their head. Special devices can stop doors from closing properly, preventing your child’s fingers getting trapped in doorways. Remember to keep doors shut to unsafe rooms in your home such as the kitchen or bathroom and, if not installed already, ensure safety gates are fitted to stairs.

Once they learn to crawl, babies may try to climb onto things, which increases the risk of falling. so make sure that they’re not left unsupervised.

Burns and scalds

At 6 months babies grab at everything. Don’t leave hot drinks or food in reach of small fingers and always use a fireguard around open fires and watch children around hot radiators.


They will still put anything they hold into their mouth and now that they can pick up small things, there is a higher risk that they can choke, or swallow dangerous objects. Make sure all dangerous items, including medicines, are locked away and or put them high out of reach.

Bathing safely

At this age babies love to play in water. Always supervise you baby in and around water and never leave them alone in the bath.