Help & Support

Who are we?

Health visitors are qualified nurses or midwives with specialist training in public health, offering support to all families in pregnancy and up to when children go to school. They are here to support you and help with any concerns you may have.

We work in partnership with specialist services to support families and we help parents to feel confident in their parenting skills and to provide the best opportunities for their baby.

As a service we will be arranging to come and meet you and your new baby between 10-14 days after you have delivered.  Until we visit you will get help and support by the Community Midwifery Service.   The Community Midwives will deliver your postnatal care in the Community either in your home or a postnatal clinic.

New Birth visit

At our first visit (Commonly known as the New Birth Visit) we will introduce the service to you and let you know what facilities are available in the local area. We will discuss your health and your baby’s health and needs . Together we will agree the support the service will offer  to you and your family. If you had an antenatal contact the health visitor will continue with the support that was agreed then.

Children Centre’s

Here you can find out about the activities and support available to you at the Children’s Centres’ in your area:  Bromley Family Centres

Breastfeeding support

Health Visiting service is fully accredited as Baby Friendly by UNICEF UK. Health visitors, nursery nurses and breastfeeding advocates are fully trained to support parents with feeding and caring for their babies