Development 3-4 years

Children develop skills at different rates, but you will notice that your child now uses longer sentences and link sentences together and describe events that have already happened, like ‘we went park’ and ask many questions using words like ‘what’ ‘where’ and ‘why’.

Your child will be skilful in moving freely in a range of ways such as running, jumping, rolling, skipping, walking, dancing and hopping. They will now also be able to catch a large ball and be masters at throwing.

They will now be budding story tellers and enjoy make-believe play. Their drawings will be developing and they will be able to tell you about their pictures. They will now begin to be able to write letters such as the first letter of their name and recognise their own name too.

Children at this age start to be able to plan games with others and build stories and engage in imaginative role-play based on their experiences and imitating what they observe.

Your child will now be becoming more independent in their own self-care, such as, selecting their clothes and even pulling their own trousers or socks on.

The September after your child reaches their fourth birthday they will start school. Please look on the local authority website for details on school admissions and when to apply.

Whilst there is a pattern of expected development, all children are different and develop at different rates in their unique way, however, if you are worried about your child’s development contact us.